FutureTech 2018

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At FutureTech 2018 the founder of DemocraticReset revealed something was coming in 2019….

Lean government, truth, a happy electorate, built around AI….

The brief speech went like this:

Ladies and gentlemen we are all fed up with fake news, the meddling media, being lied to at elections, and watching our politicians waste their valuable time spin doctoring their way to staying in power.

We are ready and waiting for the digital disruption of government and democracy itself and the dawn of a new era when truth and transparency reign supreme, the swamp is drained and hard work happens to make a better world.

‘Something wildly beyond our reach’, I hear you say but I believe that’s about to change and after all we ARE here to talk about FutureTech predictions.

By combining AI, big data, the block chain, and existing freedom of information we can create a system that forces Truthful and transparent elections and government putting the audit trail firmly in the hands of the people.

So in 2019 we are crowdfunding a not-for-profit organisation aimed at building the movement and putting together the technology to make it happen.