not revolution.

Evolution not revolution.

A technological vision for resetting democracy.

Why Democratic Reset?

Our democratic systems are not working.
A lack of transparency and truth have left democracy behind, unfit to tackle humanity’s biggest challenges.

Our view

  • We must act now to fix global issues that will impact future generations.
  • Democratic systems have not evolved with the world around them and are not currently fit for purpose to combat humankind’s biggest challenges such as climate change, disease, famine and poverty.
  • If democracies do not evolve, they will lose the global power struggle to authoritarian regimes.
  • Full democracy is a key ingredient of ethical government.
  • There is a transitional and evolutionary path for democracy that is not a revolution.
  • Those who seek to evolve the system must be neutral – we must embrace all people of different political persuasions and ideologies.

The vision

  • Gross inefficiency due to media corruption and fake news.
    Government resource shifted from the legislation to ‘spin doctoring’.
  • Election frequency driving short term policies.
    The never ending popularity contest hampers attempts to implement essential long term strategic policies.
  • Loss of faith from the electorate.
    The electorate have lost faith and are disillusioned with the system setting up the conditions for a dangerous wave of populist authoritarianism.
  • Levels of democracy in decline.
    A loss of truth and transparency – particularly during elections!
  • Rid the election process of fake news, and excessive media influence.
  • Set up conditions that support long term strategic polices.
  • Stop politicians and media lying (particularly during elections).
  • Get rid of election manifestos that have no chance of being fulfilled.
  • Ensure discussions on the economy are largely judged using impartial mathematical modelling.
  • Politicians can focus on the job.
  • Greater tolerance for long term strategic policies (they might be tough).
  • The trust of the electorate is regained.
  • Parties will be forced to set out more clear and achievable goals.
  • The people can’t be fooled by someone offering ‘free money’.
  • Levels of Democracy will increase.
  • General Elections can focus on political ideology.


An information validator delivering a truth likelihood indicator for purported facts from politicians and media.

Identification of key subjects that require Informed Consent for legislative change.

A mechanism where decisions on key subject matters can be voted on by informed members of the electorate.

Objective Validator

Objective Validator

A trusted, objective, very rapid fact checker to keep the playing field level and politicians and media trustful.
  • It roughly looks like:
    • Super-powered AI (available in about 5-10 years).
    • Utilising data from digitised freedom of information.
    • With access to the entire internet and other data sources.
  • It’s designed to validate statements that are purported as fact:e.g. “We could invest £350 million per week in the NHS if we Brexit”. AI says “5% chance this is true”.
  • We trust it because:
    • The data sources, logical steps and mathematics used to compute each conclusion are documented.
    • Stored using distributed computing (similar to blockchain).
    • Made available for anyone to audit.
    • It’s not owned by Google, Facebook or the government.

Key Subject Matters & Informed Consent

A mechanism to ‘check in’ with the electorate that retains necessary power in the house with elected politicians.
  • Key Subject Matters that require Informed Consent are identified and given a ‘Weighting’. They are either mandatory or are part of general election manifestos.
  • When a government wishes to pass legislation on a Key Subject Matter the electorate must be consulted through Informed Consent.
  • Any member of the electorate can vote on the legislation but they need to study and pass a test to ensure they are ‘informed’.
  • The result of the public vote is either for or against and carries a number of votes (Weighting).
  • The Weighting varies based on the Key Subject Matter.
  • These votes are then added to the votes of the house.
Key Subject Matters & Informed Consent

General Elections

Returning General Elections to what they should be about, leaving detailed policy decisions to be decided at the relevant time.
  • The Objective Validator makes election build up more transparent, less influenceable by the media.
  • The continual consultation with the electorate throughout a term of government through informed consent may mean that we can increase the term of each government helping to create the conditions for implementation of long term strategies.
  • Some will fear the ‘informed’ nature of the Informed Consent is discriminatory, but currently we have ZERO consent so let’s make an incremental improvement. 
  • General Elections will be able to focus on the key differentiators of the parties:
    • Political ideology
    • The level of wealth redistribution
    • What is a Key Subject Matter requiring informed consent
    • How much ‘Weighting’ for each Key Subject Matter

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